This Tiger Brand Yoga workshop is about discovering new place of body and mind a challenging and fun intermediate Hot Yoga workshop class designed for your next step in your hot yoga practice. This is usually taught in a 2 hours inorder to have the time to learn the techniques of the new postures. It’s aimed to create that space between the beginner and the advanced student already in you. Whether you want to explore new postures, or build on what you already know, this workshop will invoke new insights and inspire you. The Intermediate series is comprised of about 42 postures built upon the foundation of the Beginner Series and a step towards the advanced class, with deeper backbends and forward bends and other fun new poses to try!
The 2020 Intermediate Teacher Trainings : Thailand March 1 – March, 2020 I am so happy to announce the first […]
Saturday Kicks off with a Hot 60 min class at 9 am followed by a short break. Reach at 11 we dive deep with a two hour expanded IntermediateWorkshop/Class based on the Bikram practice but we will cover 42 postures.
   November 16th is my 16th anniversary of teaching yoga I will start now 17 years of teaching yoga. It’s […]
 Ardha Chandrāsana The Back Bend (picture source) This is the continuation of part 1. Ardha Chandrāsana The Back Bend After the Side bends […]
It’s been a long time I have been teaching the Bikram postures on a regular basis. 16+ years. I have decided to […]
In the fall of 2016 I had the honor of participating in the Ghosh Yoga College of India Yoga Therapy […]
Join me for a weekend of Fun at Bikram Yoga Antwerp THE SHORT VERSION: Friday Oct 5 18:30 – 20:30 […]
Tigers, The postures and a bit of history.

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