1. coming between two things in time, place, character, etc.”an intermediate stage of development”
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Intermediate Workshops

This Tiger Brand Yoga workshop is about discovering new place of body and mind a challenging and fun intermediate Hot Yoga workshop class designed for your next step in your hot yoga practice. This is usually taught in a 2 hours inorder to have the time to learn the techniques of the new postures. It’s aimed to create that space between the beginner and the advanced student already in you. Whether you want to explore new postures, or build on what you already know, this workshop will invoke new insights and inspire you. The Intermediate series is comprised of about 42 postures built upon the foundation of the Beginner Series and a step towards the advanced class, with deeper backbends and forward bends and other fun new poses to try!

Why have an intermediate class?

  • To build close yoga communities
  • To progress in an āsana practice
  • To develop new techniques
  • And to have Fun!

The best part about having a intermediate class is the community bonds that a smaller more intimate class has as it impacts the practice of the students. The main purpose of introducing the Intermediate series to a yoga school is to allow the students an opportunity to progress in an Asana Practice, and in the 8 limbs of Yoga. The “Beginner’s series” that we all know from Bikram’s transmission of Ghosh Yoga is already considered a complete practice. In the same tradition we also have the 84 postures that are know as the “advanced class”. For many students there is a very big step between the advanced sequence and the beginner’s sequence. The Tiger Brand Yoga Intermediate Class is meant to bridge this gap. Additionally, the spirit in which I am teaching the Intermediate class is to introduce other stretches that can help the student progress towards a deeper āsana practice. 

Though, the Beginner Class is considered to be a complete practice for maintaining good physical condition, it is however lacking is some aspects. For example, hip openers and arm strengthening postures. Therefore, I have added additional postures, some of them we have more time to practice that in the Advanced class (*i.e. the salut to the gods and goddesses), and others are meant to help open the body.

PNF techniques to facilitate stretching are also introduced to this practice in order to help the students open in a safe and effective way.

With an intermediate practice there are many different possible ways to introduce the  new postures that are in the 84 postural Asana class from this lineage, and I have tried to select some of the more basic ones that mosts advanced beginners are able to approach. It includes deeper backbends, some arm strengthening and hip openings that are not in the 26+2 sequence, and trying to stick to the same sequencing of the  84 Asanas of the advanced class.  Since it is a more intermediate practice, we expect the students to have a basic understanding of the 26+2 class and help develop more self awareness about the postures and the movements in the scope of their current physical condition. Keeping in mind an advanced practice is advanced awareness.

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