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Tiger Brand Online Classes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I can provide private classes for individuals or groups. And I also offer public live classes.

Online Services I am offering:

  1. Tiger Brand Yoga  Online Private Classes – You can find all of the different kinds of Yoga you already know from my public classes. additionally I can also personalize a class to your own needs.
  2. Yoga Therapy sessions – this is an individualized and personalized practice for you. We start with an initial consultations and follwed by 3 – 5 sessions to go over all the postures you will work on.
  3. Tiger Brand Yoga Online Public Classes – Check out all of my featured Tiger Brand Yoga events here.

I am also teaching online at various studios around the globe:

You can also see all of my Public classes and online classes at various venues near you on my Events Calendar

Choose a class from here

After you Book a live streaming class with me, you will receive an email with instructions on how and when to log in to either the Google Hangout or the Zoom App  it’s quick and easy. You will get a link, it’s as simple as click and go.  You can do this from anywhere in the world and all you need is a computer, laptop or any smart device (phone, tablet etc) with internet connection. Don’t forget your mat !

You can also book a private class here directly.

There are four different experiences you can have with online classes.

  1. Private online meetings. This is when we agree on a time and price for your class and we will “meet”. You will log in to a virtual meeting space (with Google hangout or Zoom) from your own home. I will then lead you through a private class. You can also choose to bring your house guests along and they can join in the fun too. There are options to add more people to your private class when you book.
  2. Pre-recorded Classes. These are classes that have been prerecorded and you can watch and practice along at your own time and own convenience, I will not be able to see your practice this is a practice. I will soon offer these on the Vimeo platform.
  3. Live-Streaming classes. These are classes that are live and streamed through platforms like facebook or instagram, you have to watch them because they usually disappear when the class is over. In these styles of class I won’t be able to see you , but sometimes you can ask questions through a chat.
  4. Online group classes. These are great options because there is an unlimited number of participates that can join. It really gives the feeling that you are taking a group class all while never leaving home. In this case it is still done in real time and I am able to see your practice and provide corrections to the group. This is also live and real-time the difference is now you can interact with the teacher and have the chance before and after to ask questions.
  5. Online Videos are usually studio productions or home productions that you can watch or rent.


No, not for the yoga part, though it is best to at least have a yoga mat. You can use any items you have at home as props, chairs belts etc. If you have your own yoga equipment then that can be helpful.

The only thing you need is a device to watch the class: a laptop, computer or any smart device like  a tablet or even a smart phone will work. And of course you will need to have connection to the internet.

This is not provided with the class.


There are many reason to take a virtual class!

  • Maybe you are a bit under the weather and need a restorative Nidra class.
  • Maybe you can’t easily get to a yoga studio.
  • Perhaps you have been quarantined at home.
  • The kids are asleep and you want to take a class
  • The style of yoga is not available at your local studio or not given at a time that you can get to with ease.
  • Or you want to have a private class and the studio prices are much higher.
  • For fun. You will get to connect with yogis and yoginis from all around the world.

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